This is not right

I have been struggling to find words to address what is happening to children of immigrants who are separated from their parents.  If you have not heard the recording obtained by Pro Publica, it is here.   This policy - people are calling it a policy, but it is better called an attack on children and families - is angry and pointed.  The entire administration soup to nuts insists this attack is necessary, and says it can’t do anything about it unless someone else does something about it, such as Democrats (who do not control any branch of Federal Government it should be noted).  Jeff Sessions and Kristjen Nielsen (DHS Secretary) are saying "we must enforce the law" consequences be damned, despite the law not requiring separation.  Prosecutors, after all, have discretion in the crimes that they file charges for - there is no requirement to file charges and take a child away.   This "zero tolerance" nonsense is needlessly cruel, and does not discriminate against families who truly are fleeing their country and someone who may be trafficking.   Trump and his administration are playing the victim, that these families may contain "murderers and thieves" all the while caging young children.   At the same time, they say this "policy" could stop if its demands on immigration legislation are met.  This is a textbook definintion of misdirection and propaganda, and is creating a crisis to use as a hostage to further the administration's own ends.  (By the way, coincidentally or not, did you notice that the U.S. just withdrew from the UN Human Rights Council?  Not a good look.)   It is clear that an absolute lack of empathy for human beings is the policy of the United States.

All of this reminded me of a quote from the 20th century - “Close your hearts to pity.  Act brutally.”  Remember who made that quote?  This administration is closing its hearts to pity, acting brutally.  If you think I am being hyperbolic consider that the administration has separated over 2,000 children from their parents over the last six weeks and warehoused them in converted Wal-Marts, industrial tents, while de-humanizing their parents as potentially murderers and thieves.  And the excuse is - just following orders (orders being the purported “law” or in  case of ICE and DHS, literally following orders of Sessions & Trump).  Support of Trump and this administration means complicity in these events.  This is not something the United States should be standing for.  I do not stand for it.  We are all fellow human beings - worthy of dignity, respect, and the right to be with our families.   We are a nation of immigrants.  The time to speak up is now.